Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LITE UP 2017

It has been back to school with a bang! Started the year of with library helpers (y'all.. I have libraray helpers!!) Late Night in the Library.. my next round of classes started (2 this semester, 2 in the summer and 2 in the fall.. and I am done!) and my first official Library conference as a Librarian!

I was super excited to attend the LITE Up  2017 conference. Not only attend, but I had a chance to present!

Before I go any farther, I first have to say I am so lucky to surround myself with amazing people that inspire me to be a better librarian. (of course I don't have updated selfies with everyone..like Skye and Heather.. and SO many others to name) Maybe that will be an upcoming blog.. inspiring selfies (I recently bought a shirt.. yep spent money on it.. that said No Selfie Control) okay.. I digress. 
Seeing these 2 weekly keeps me going!!

My mentor, Renee, asked if I would like to co-present Library Outreach- Building a Community of Readers.  How could I say no!  I was even more excited to see that the keynote was going to be Shannon Miller. I know Shannon.. follow her on social media sites, have seen her before.  The LITE Up Conference was the first time for me to hear her give a keynote.  I was so inspired by all of the things that she did in her library, and the voice that she allowed her students to have. I loved that she reminded us "Anybody can make a difference in a students life."  It was so powerful to listen to her stories of the students that were making big changes because they were given a chance to have a voice.  I walked away from the keynote with my head spinning... right into our session.

Loved hearing Shannon speak!

Renee and I had a chance to share how to build a reading community outside of the four walls of the library.  It included how we reach teachers, students, community members and more.  You can check out our presentation here. During the presentation... there were several times that I almost forgot to change the slides as I was taking my own mental notes of all the things that Renee does!

Not only did I get to see great presentations, I actually had a chance to talk to the different publishers. Many of these publishers and vendors I had met at the first of the year when I had NO CLUE to what they could do for me.  Now with a better understanding of Library Land... the vendors were much more interesting.  It was an amazing day of learning!  The LITE Up conference was so well organized.. and it did not disappoint. Now I am gearing up for Bluebonnet voting (okay.. I know that I am a little behind) and the TXLA Conference.  

P.S. When Renee and I were planning our presentation.. we started brainstorming a Meet Me at the Library- more coming soon!

What are your favorite conferences to attend? How do you vote for Bluebonnet winners?

P.P.S. The Brandenburg Library (where my mentor is the amazing librarian) is up for the Follett Challenge! Take a moment to go vote for their video.. I can't wait to see what they do next!

This was exciting to see in our district newsletter!!

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