Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Break of my First Semester

Next week is my spring break from my first semester at TWU.  I have spent this semester learning how to juggle my time, because I do enjoy staying busy!

I have survived! Not only am I surviving.. BUT.. I am learning.  I recently had homework that required me to observe a library.  Now, that doesn't seem like it would be to hard..right? I mean.. I know how a library works? I am JUST KIDDING!  I am part of an awesome elementary school that has a wonderful and helpful librarian.  I am part of a community that has great resources to go along with the libraries.  I am also connected with librarians from all over the globe who are doing the most amazing things!

What I learned from this observation... I don't know anything!  In the big scheme of things I understand that the library is a big piece of a community (I think this one of the biggest draws for me to go into this profession) but I didn't realize all that my local libraries were already doing.  I spent my afternoon observing the South Irving Public Library  What a great observation it was.  I knew that they offered programs for children, but I didn't realize how much more they offered! I have already marked a few more things on my calendar to join in.  I might or might not have also picked up a volunteer application while I was there.

I am thankful for all the librarians that are changing how the community interacts with libraries.  I am even more thankful for all the librarians near and far that are doing amazing things! I am watching and taking notes!

About half way done with my first 6 hours... 30 more hours to go?  I am excited about one of the big events coming up, the North Texas Teen Book Festival!  I am very excited that this year they are offering a day before that has sessions for librarians and teachers.  I will be missing the main event due to heading to Austin for an ATPE event.  Excited to learn even more in my next courses.