Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Adventures #librarianintraining

I received the tentative email that I was accepted into the TWU program to gain another masters.  This masters would be in Library Science.  I hit social media (because I follow some AMAZING librarians) and asked where was the best place to start for a list of books to read.

NOW.. Librarians are SO much more than knowing what books to read!  BUT.. I don't start school until the 19th of January.  That is a long time away.  I hit up the library yesterday and picked out 5 books (3 picture and 2 YA)  As I devoured these books in one day... I remembered why I LOVE reading.  I can get lost in the pages of a book so quickly and be transported to another time or place. On my main blog I will be writing about my upcoming goals for the year.. and one of them is to spend less time on the social media and more time in the crafting, making, reading and learning.

I have been in education for 14 years.  11 of that was in a self contained special education classroom and I am currently an Instructional Technology Specialist.  I LOVE my job.. I love being able to work with teachers and students and help them gain new understanding of various ways to increase their instruction with technology.  But, I also know that I am a Busy Bee and am always looking for a new way to grow and learn.  As I have watched and learned from my librarian friends I see the meld of technology, libraries, and overall learning.  After I posted my need for a good list of books to read I had a great friend send me a message about how librarians are so much more than reading. "The MAIN point being that the library is of course, as you know, is supposed to the HUB for all things and therefore sharing books becomes a fraction of what one would expect from a "school library""  Thanks Sue Levine!

I started a Goodreads account I have a new Instagram account and of course this new blog.  I also have a pinterest board that I am adding information too (this of course might change as I learn more.

I have LOTS to learn.. and am thankful for all the people that have already helped me on this journey.. and I know that I will be asking for a ton of help!

The Books I just finished-
The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend (by Dan Santat)- Super cute read about an imaginary friend who goes to find his human.
Ideas for the classroom: Have students create their own imaginary friends- maybe create want ads for the imaginary friends.

The Way to the Zoo- (by John Burningham) Easy read about a little girl who finds a secret door that leads to the zoo.
Ideas for the classroom: This could easily be used for various sequencing activities.  Extension activities could also include  collaborating with other classrooms to build a virtual zoo.

Blizzard- (by John Rocco) This was my favorite of the 3 books (although Adventures of Beekle was a CLOSE runner up!) It might have been because of the current weather.  This book tells of an adventure of a boy during a blizzard.
Ideas for the classroom: The illustrations lead so many extension activities.  From the day of the week embedded in each page (have students create their own sequencing) to the map of the town that folds out.  Students can create their own map of the town and schedule of what would happen if this happened at their school.

The Dreamer- (by Pam Munoz Ryan and Peter Sis) I picked up this book because I LOVE Pam Munoz Ryan and have ready most of her books.  This book tells of Neftali who later adopted the name Pablo Neruda.  Neftali was a dreamer that had a beautiful way with words.  The book did sadden me, but I loved how the main character although frail and "shinbones" stayed with his dreams.
Ideas for the classroom- This would be a great story to use with a poetry unit to discuss authors.  Extension would be to research more about Pablo Neruda

Space Case- (by Stuart Gibbs) This was my favorite find out of the 5 books that I just finished.  This book is a great mystery that happens on the moon.  It is well written, and I was surprised by the ending (don't worry.. I won't give it away!)
Ideas for the classroom: have students write their own Moon Manuals or redesign the living quarters on a budget.

I am headed to the library to get my next set!