Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reflections of my Librarian Journey- A Beginning

As my final assignment for one of my classes, I needed to reflect on what I have learned, what path I might be on, and where I eventually want to end up.  I had started several paragraphs in a word document, but I thought what better place to express these reflections than in my blog!

When I was very little, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a special education teacher.  I dreamed of it and I became one.  I don't know how good I was, but I know that I tried hard and I always tried to grow and learn more.  Special education was my heart (it still is!)  I LOVED my classroom of kiddos and I loved the parents and staff I worked with, but I knew that I wanted to affect more students.  I had the opportunity to gain my first masters.  When I started the educational technology masters I had several of my librarian friends encourage me to become a librarian.  I somewhat listened, but I thought my next dream would be to work in a setting where I could open up doors and classrooms of students of all abilities by becoming an instructional technology specialist.  I became one, but found when I went to technology conferences I spent a good portion of my time with librarians.  I work hard as instructional technology specialist and strive to make a difference in even more classrooms with more students.  I think that I have done well, but I still don't feel like I have found my niche.  I am a little quirky, I like connecting with people, and I LOVE working with all different types of people in the community.  

I say all of this because part of any journey is not always knowing the exact direction that you are going, but realizing that there is a path along the way.  I just attended my first Texas Librarian Association Conference, and it was that epiphany of where my next adventure was going to lie.  I knew that I was on the right track to become a librarian, but TxLA16 secured any thoughts I had of being anything else.

For my career objectives, I know that they are going to change. I am not one that sits still well, but I am also one that strives to make a difference.  My current career objectives are to offer a place and space for patrons of any type to feel as if they belong.  To give patrons an opportunity to grow beyond the four walls of a classroom and get lost within the shelves of a library.  When they have found all they need to know on the shelves to be able to connect and extend their learning past the pages of a book.  One of my favorite sessions I attended at TxLA16 was that of Mellissa Sanchez so many great ideas came from that session, but my favorite was "A library is a place where they can dream and where dreams come true." Mellissa Sanchez  My career objective is to make a difference.
A few of my notes from Mellissa Sanchez's Session

As my journey continues, I know that I will need to grow and learn.  That is the exciting part about any journey is the adventure that one gets to go on.  As part of any journey there are ups and downs.  I enjoy blogging about my different adventures (both the good ones and the fails)  I know that I do not do everything right, but I also know how to ask questions along the way.  When reflecting by blogging I am able to put on "paper" and with pictures where my current journey is.  In my current job, I have goals that are set forth by the district, but I also look at my own data and figure out goals that I need for myself. 

Although I am just beginning this MLS journey of becoming a librarian, I am already seizing any opportunity to learn more.  I have already started to lean on my PLC through Twitter.  I am also grateful for the librarians that have already taken me under their wing.  I know that I can not do everything on my own and have already started cultivating resources that will help me further my career as a librarian.  Although I enjoy attending conferences and learning from others, I think I also learn by leading professional development and also blogging.  I understand the importance of sharing what I have learned and what I am learning.  

My hopeful career as a librarian will not be contained to the school that I am in.  Being a contributing member to my school is important, but for me it is even more important to be involved in various aspects of my community.  Learning from other librarians and my PLC are important, but it is even more important to be involved in organizations that contribute to the librarian profession.  Being a librarian is so much more than shelving books and figuring out story time.  It is to realize that there is a larger community that you can affect.  Being a part of a professional organization will not only open up more opportunities for myself to grow, but also more opportunities for my library to grow.

I am so excited to be on this librarian journey. I look forward to the adventures that I will be taking in pursuing this new dream.