Sunday, January 8, 2017

Late Night in the Library-January

What the What! I made it through the first semester of library land! If only I could write down all the stories (because.. man there have been some funny ones.. and some are not for the faint of heart!)
One of the first days back.. I was feeling pretty cute (wearing all my new LuLaRoe) I said good morning to a kiddo in the hallway.  She replied back with a good morning and then a compliment of I look like a librarian! I asked her if that was good or bad.. and she responded.. good you just look like an elementary librarian with all the layering.  My wondering.. what did I look like before?
On the first week back we hosted our Late Night in the Library to get ready for the upcoming science fair.  I forgot to snap pictures of my awesome counterparts Madden and Poe (which I can't believe.. I mean.. I love a selfie!) We set out resources for science fair projects, logged computers on to Science

I only had 2 stations up and running this time.. I blame it on the fact that I actually took the whole break off! The two stations were uber easy to set up as they only required index cards, tapes and scissors.
Index Tower

Can you fit inside a index card
The first station was Index Tower.  Patrons were asked to build a tower as tall as they could be using only 3 index cards.  These towers had to stand for 30 seconds before they could get measured.  Once measured we added the height on our dry erase board.  I LOVED watching parents work with their students.  It makes my heart SO HAPPY!!!

So.. the second station was a flop.  I am going to chalk it up to me not being completely prepared.  On stations like these.. I don't make samples as I want the students and parents to work it out. I usually still try to make one so I can then help as needed.  This one.. I should have made but didn't.  The object is to cut an index card so you can wear it.  See the website here for more ideas. I did have one family cut it so it was a headband.  I also had a couple of other students create hats :)

There were 29 people that came to this cold Late Night in the Library!
All of the measurements

An awesome cap a student made

Measuring their tower
At the end of this month I am working with our art teacher and we are going to have extended hours on a Friday to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Bluebonnet voting is this month. I am also attending my first librarian conference as a LIBRARIAN! I will be going to Lite up Conference on the 19th. I am even co-presenting with another amazing librarian!

This semester is going to be a busy one with more Late Nights, Destination ImagiNation, TXLA.. and of course 2 more classes at TWU (omg.. classes start next week!)

Here are the station signs I used (Have I mentioned I love Canva)

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