Friday, November 25, 2016

Late Night in the Library-November

Our first Late Night in the Library in October was a big hit (okay.. I count that 75 people coming in the library after they did trunk or treat is a big hit)  I knew that I wanted to do this again.

I do have to say, I was SUPER inspired when I had a meeting over at Lady Bird Johnson Middle School. Their librarian Mr. Cummings had an event called the Gathering going on. Those middle schoolers were so engaged, and there was so many parents there too!  I took some ideas away from that for my next Late Night in the Library (my November one was already planned)  I liked how he had different stations set up and invited other librarians over to help manage and run some stations. The teachers that were there too were having a great time!

Okay.. back to my Late Night in the Library November.
Invitation that was sent to all students and posted on social media. I LOVE using Canva!

For these Late Night in the Library events I have been trying to find different types of books to use. I LOVE that I came across this gem in our library- Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet (her website is fantastic by the way!). In the library this month we have been talking non-fiction, so this was a perfect book for the evening.  It is all about Tony Sarg and how he invented the balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It is a great read with beautiful illustrations.   Of course to go along with the read-a-loud there is a hands on activity.
I love Teachers Pay Teachers to give me ideas and this one was perfect.  I of course did not have time to all the great activities that are in this pack, but our hands on activity was for patrons to create their own prototype for a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon.  I always hope these types of things are well attended, but if only 3 students show up.. that is 3 more students that are having a chance to work with their parents.  These events are really focused on parents having a chance to work along side their child.  Guess what.. I had 25 people show up.. AND.. 30 books were checked out!

We put last years Macy's parade on the big screen.  On the tables I had materials out:
-pipe cleaners
-construction paper
-tissue paper
-planning paper
-a few samples that my Destination ImagiNation teams made

The different designs that the students did were awesome! Of course my favorite part was seeing the parents working with the students.

An awesome volunteer working with a couple of the students

A great example of one of the balloons that was created.

Just a few of the balloons that were created
I of course LOVE this one that a parent made for me!
I was much better at preparing and planning for this one.  For our event in December I have a special guest coming to be the guest reader.

I hope to also use Mr. Cummings idea and have several volunteers to help with various stations.  I know that one of the stations will be a binary code Christmas ornament.

Although I LOVE posting about all the great things that are happening in the library.. libraryland can also be overwhelming (okay.. maybe for me.. because I am sort of an over achiever.. don't giggle at that if you really know me)  I will be really starting a library helper crew after Thanksgiving break! I want to make sure that I am meeting the needs of all the different people that come into the library, but in doing so I get so behind on shelving and pulling books.  I look forward to training some great helpers.

Other exciting things that are coming up in the library- Holiday Traditions! I am inviting students to share their holiday traditions through displays in the library.  We had 50 pumpkins entered to the pumpkin contest, so I look forward to seeing what students come up with for displays.