Thursday, December 24, 2020

Reading Habits

This blog has been milling around my head for awhile... as in several months.  I was not for sure how to put it into words. I love reading.. I am a librarian. But, I was always reading the same kinds of things by the same kind of authors.  This is also a little bit more vulnerable blog in that I didn't realize how much I was stuck in certain reading ways.. and didn't realize how much I needed to GROW (my word of the year!) to be a better person and librarian.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that.. at all.. I tell kids ALL the time that reading is reading (I tell teachers that too!) I also work REALLY hard to make sure that students, staff, and community know that they belong, the library is for everyone, and that I believe in them. 

When the pandemic hit back in March- I got SUPER hooked on Crime Junkies as I have now listened to every episode.. and hopefully will soon be able to become a member of the fan club.  Then the Black Lives Matter movement really started.. and this changed my WHOLE reading habits. I know that sounds super strange.. but it did.. and here is why.  

I grew up in a small town, my parents are still married, I have a bachelors and I have 2 masters.  In other words- my upbringing and life don't always mirror the students that I work with. I needed to read outside my comfort zone (which is really weird that I even had a comfort zone and didn't realize it) Thanks to April Richmond I finally read All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely.  This book was an eye opener and an amazing read... and what I needed to read to become a better librarian and a better person.

My goal this year was to read 30 books... I know that sounds small because I am a librarian.. but.. I also run clubs, have 2 jobs, and do various programming.. and I do enjoy sleeping!  But thanks to SORA audiobooks, our amazing Irving Public Library, and having my friend April that would answer questions for me.. and also be my sounding board for different things.. I am now working on my 34th book for the year.  30 of those books were listened to or read since May 31st.

You can find my Goodreads account here

When I do any lesson, I try to be very transparent in my own reading styles- as in I LOVE having books read to me- reading magazines are great-a good graphic novel is AMAZING- and it is okay to read any type of book.  This year, my intro lessons also included the fact that I too was stuck in a reading rut, but because I read out of what I thought was a comfort zone I became a more avid reader.  I began to read more books that were windows rather than mirrors.  I also remind students that it is okay to put a book down.. now.. read more than 3 pages.. try 3-5 chapters.. but it happens. Sometimes a book just doesn't hit how we need it to at that moment. Just like any librarian- I also work really hard on finding those books for every type of reader.

Every lesson this year I end with this:
The more the read the more you know. The more you know and the better human being you become.  Guys we need as many good human beings as we can get! 

I am so thankful to have such a diverse reading community around me. I also appreciate that I can have conversations with people about different topics that I might not understand and not be judged because I am na├»ve or I don't have the same background knowledge.  

The world is a really hard place right now, for SO many reasons, but reading a good book can help transport you to a different location and time, help you better understand your surroundings, or just be a mirror into your own life.

Thank you April Richmond for helping me become a better librarian and inspiring me to read even more... and thank you for being such a great sounding board.

I can't always change the world, but what I can do is continue to try to "see" other people/customs/thoughts, continue to make sure that I have books for all types of readers and people, and continue to work on not judging a book by its cover.

Other things that helped me and my reading habits:
-Irving Public Library and their North Texas Teen Book Festival Present virtual panels- Go check out their website and their AMAZING virtual author panels- you won't be disappointed! 
-Recording Booktalks for my students- This year I began creating a TikTok a week for #booktalktuesday along with a Flipgrid for #booktalktuesday and #WAYRWednesday
-Having someone to talk to about what I was reading-at first it was mainly adults- but now I am able to chat even more with students!!
-Audiobooks (I also listen to my audiobooks a little faster)
-getting a better reading light for next to my bed
-following great people on Instagram/Twitter/TikTok and Facebook

Here's to new reading goals in 2021 and discovering even more amazing authors and illustrators.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

My Top 5!

Friday (12/18/20) I finished my first official semester of being a librarian during a pandemic.  Wow what a semester it has been! There have been many downs, but also many ups. I have a reflection blog coming up, but I wanted to share my 5 Top Favorite Things of this first semester.

School background: We are a middle school hybrid model.  We have virtual and in-person students and our student enrollment is about 850.


Nearpod is my absolute FAVORITE app to use for lesson planning and creating!

Our school is a Nearpod school, but it is a platform I would be happy to pay for because of how amazing it is.  It is a platform that allows for interactive lessons, games, and ways to embed items. Students can access Nearpod through a web browser or an app on various devices.

How I use it:
-I create slides directly in Nearpod or use one of the many thousands of lessons already created and tailor it for myself
-I embed activities to keep students engaged such as Time To Climb, Matching, and videos
-Sometimes I just use it as slides while teaching
-I can give the teachers the embed code so they can embed into their Canvas course or give them the student link so the asynchronous learners can have access to the lesson as well

Being mostly virtual I love that I can use Canva for social media posts, flyers, and my monthly calendars. There is an option to embed and also share through links.  Back in October I created my first calendar, and have loved making them ever since. I also currently use the free version, but have put in an application for the educator account.

How I use it:
-social media posts (there is even animation available)
-the phone app is pretty good for ideas on the go
-monthly calendars that have hyperlinked ideas
-embed items into my Canvas course

January Calendar by akbusybee


I will be honest, there are not many things I pay for when it comes to apps (I do pay extra for Google storage), but I do pay for Piktochart- and it is the BEST money I spend a year.  Piktochart is fantastic for creating infographics, flyers, and other digital content.  There is an educator discount that I use. There are plenty of templates, but it is also easy to start from scratch.

How I use it:
-Each six weeks I create an infographic of all that happened in the library
-Each month I create an "Installment" which is a newsletter that goes in all the staff bathrooms
-I share the links to the different infographics through social media outlets along with downloading PDF (which has clickable links)
-I also love how interactive it is when looking at the PDF and website (and I can keep track of how many times it was viewed)
My second six weeks infographic for the library

Flipgrid is a platform that offers video discussions. Once a topic is created students/staff can add videos to enrich the conversation, share their own information, or record a response

How I use it:
-I have a Book Talk Tuesday topic and a What are you Reading Wednesday Topic where I post weekly book talks (it is also open to students to respond)
-I have a Staff Recommendation Topic for teachers to share their reads
-I have topics for Try It Tuesdays where students can share what they have tried
I like that I can see how many views these have and how I can easily share it to Twitter.  I also like that I can control who posts and who sees videos


I want to get books in kids hands, but that has been a little tougher than usual lately.  Our district (and our public library) use Sora (which is under the Overdrive app) Because of Sora I have read and listened to SO many more books (but that too is for another blog on how my reading habits changed because of the pandemic)

How I use it:
-I use it personally- audiobooks for my walks and in the car and eBooks for my Kindle (I don't have the self control to read on my phone)
-promoting to our students- all of our students have iPads- although it works in the browser- the app is amazing!

I know that 2021 is probably not going to be much easier, but I am jumping for joy that I can check 2020 off my list!

What are your top 5? I know that there are several other items that I use on a regular basis, but these have gotten me through this semester.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Programming During a Pandemic

 Most of my blogs I share about the different programming I do in my school.  Programming is one of my most FAVORITE things about being a librarian (I mean.. I love to read..but the library is such a special space for so much more)

This blog is FULL of pictures, links, ideas that I did last month and will be doing next month.  Things of course will change, but if we don't have a starting point, plan and idea.. what do we have?

If programming fills my bucket.. and we are virtual.. I had to figure out how to still fill my bucket.
I want to preface this blog with:
-our school is a hybrid of about half kids on campus and half kids off
-I am in a middle school
-our library program in my district is amazing!!
-our school is also a VILS Campus (Verizon Innovative Learning School) where each student has an iPad along with data
-our school is using Canvas- I have my own library Canvas Page (also I LOVE the announcements feature.. and that I can see how long students are interacting with my page :)
-I Co-Teach lessons daily

October is #TeenTober and thanks to the AMAZING librarian Ms. Walton over at Sam Houston Middle School- I took her idea of the TeenTober Calendar. I took her idea and created one for Lamar. I used Canva to edit the calendar (and create the one for November as well)

I also tried to remember what I did before Covid! Because although we live in this crazy world doesn't mean that I can't still offer meaningful activities. Before Covid- the library was open for students for games and activities from 7:45ish-8:10ish.  I also had at least one after school activity each month (I also manage Destination ImagiNation teams.. and am a Girl Scout leader.. so my afternoons are busy!) So, I took that idea and made it somewhat virtual

These links lead to our resources and databases

October Activities
-Pumpkin Hunt (I also made it virtual for those that remote)
-Ghost Character Contest (this will force copy what I gave to students)- I got this idea from Library Bulletin Boards FB page from Megan Carroll Lawell! (would tag her in a tweet.. but can't find her)
-Weekly Try it Tuesdays after school
-Started First Chapter Friday

TeenTober2020-Lamar by akbusybee

On the library Canvas page I have one area for Events. This Events link went to a published Google Slide with links to all of the activities

It is important for me to look at data.
Ghost Character Contest- 9 entries
Try It Tuesday- usually have 2-3 Students
First Chapter Friday- about 9-10 students
Pumpkin Hunt- Over 40 entries

Although some of these are low numbers.. I continue on with them.. because those 2-3 students showed up because I feel like they needed it.  These things are also not taking anything away from what I am already doing.  I am already at school in the mornings.. and I usually stay after school until 5pm (I also work a second job on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays)

I loved the calendar idea, so I have started on the November calendar.

Lamar Calendar by akbusybee

November Activities:
-Thankful Photo Contest
-1 Try it Tuesday- I am having one official after school event where we will be making thankful pumpkins.  Students will need to fill out a form in order to get materials to do the activity (YouTube video idea)
-I also want to up my database and eBook usage, so I am working on a Trivia that students will need to use our resources to complete
-Literacy Lions- This will start Monday Mornings where the students chose a book for me to read
-First Chapter Fridays- in the morning

With so much being virtual a few other things I have done:
-Really worked on social media- right now it is really just me telling our story, but I am working on getting out there and having other people share
-I do a BookTalk Tuesday every Tuesday on TikTok- and also one on our library FlipGrid
-I do a What are you Reading Wednesday and add to the library FlipGrid
-We are offering for students to place books on hold- those that are in person learners get books delivered during ELAR time, and remote learners can sign up for a pick up time through Calendly (thanks to the Amazing Singley Librarian Ms. Basoco for sharing that resource!)
-I tried my Cub Club- when we were all virtual.. it worked.. but as soon as we went into hybrid.. it was a dud.  It is hard for me to put that one on the backburner.
-Promoted our Local Library!! Our Irving Public Library has had so many amazing virtual programs that they are offering.. between the author panels, free books, and activities.. there is always something to do! Check out their YouTube Page (we personally love the Kawaii coloring)
-Create a monthly Installment that has all sorts of information that I put in all the staff bathrooms
-Keep up with data!! I know times are tough right now.. and the data is not the greatest.  But even data that is not the greatest gives me a chance to grow.. and rethink what I am doing.
Every Six weeks we get data and I use to share what happened in the library
-Realize that not everything I do is working, but it is important to try!!



The world is a weird space right now.  I am trying to support educators and students as much as I can.  Every time I get in front of the class...  one of the first things I do is remind students that it is important to read, because when we read we grow our brains.. and when we grow our brains we become better human beings.  I don't know about you, but we need as many amazing human beings we can get!!  It is not easy right now.. there are lots of times I feel defeated.. but I have to keep reminding myself.. if I get to 2 or 3 students.. then someone is needing my programming as much as I am.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Dot Day- Virtual Programming

One of my favorite days of the year is coming up (wait I lied.. I have LOTS of favorite days.. okay wait.. almost every day is my favorite day..I digress)

International Dot Day is coming up! Dot Day is based off the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds and it is all about making your mark and seeing where it takes you.  We are in a time period where it is even more important for us to think about the mark and stories that we are making.

I of course have lots of favorite days, but my favorite thing about being a librarian is the programming that I am able to do (of course I love reading too) but giving students, staff and community a chance to participate in activities is my FAVORITE thing!  

Being virtual just has made me think differently how I am going to reach the people that would usually be inside the library.

Mrs. Fitz posted a great idea on her Instagram page, and I took that idea and ran with it!  For the month of September I have created Try It Tuesdays.  Now, when we go back to face to face, this might change.. honestly I usually have activities going on in the library in the mornings and the afternoon.. so just doing one day a week is making me a little sad (I am human.. I might be positive almost all the time, but that doesn't mean that I have done my own bit of grieving.. and I grieve a little bit every day)

Our First Try It Tuesday is going to be create Circle Paper Planes. Of course I am going to read the Dot (and be wearing dots) and then we are going to make Circle Paper Planes over a Zoom meeting at 3:45pm.  I have promoted this Try It Tuesday through our Canvas Course and school social media outlets. Although I hope that hundreds of my students show up to this virtual event, I will be happy with 2. That means there were at least 2 students that needed this type of activity (or knew that I needed someone to show up)

I also posted this in the Canvas course so they can have materials ready.  I did not ask for RSVP's because I thought that might turn some of my middle schoolers off.  The zoom link is listed in our Canvas course and a waiting room has been enabled.  I will also have my amazing clerk checking names of students before we let them in. You can find the Circle Plane directions here

For all the Try It Tuesdays I tried to keep materials SUPER easy and what students probably have at home.  For the origami one at the end of the month, I will probably have a supply pick up.  I am also taking advantage of our public library YouTube videos for both the Kawaii Coloring and Origami.  I have done the Kawaii coloring with my Girl Scout troop- and they LOVED it! Thanks Irving Public Library for great videos

One of my pet projects have been my Cub Club. Many of our students have younger siblings that are not kinder age.  Cub Club is a story time for 2-5 year olds.  During Cub Club we sing songs, read books, and do activities.  SO, on Friday we are having our first virtual Cub Club!  This event parents had to RSVP so I could have activity packs ready.

This Cub Club will be focused on Being Yourself (also- I had 10 families RSVP.. and of course I realize that not all families will show up) After they RSVPed, I sent an email thanking them for participating, a list of materials they would be getting, and a reminder- that this is a great time to work with your child and there might be some bumps along the way (so thank you for your patience!)

Cub Club (it might not go completely in this order.. and there are links for each one
-Hello Song- Rose Oyamot Rodriguez is AMAZING!
-Friend Sign Language
- Dot Headband (sentence strip with dot stickers
-The Dot Song by Emily Arrow
-The Dot Bookmark (we used some sequins, cut a square in a notecard, and contact paper)
-I will change the world- coloring page and hand cut outs

I know that we are all trying to figure out the best way to reach our library users and that it is tough.  I also know that programming makes my heart SUPER happy.  How are you reaching your readers? I have also tried to start posting on Book Talk Tuesday and What are you Reading not only on social media (TikTok/Instagram/Twitter) but also the Flip Grid that I created.

These could totally be a flop, but I also know that if I don't offer these types of programming- I won't ever know!

Stay safe.. and BE YOU!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bitmoji for the Library

With many of our homes becoming our office, there is a rise of Bitmoji use! I LOVE using Bitmoji's and I use them for so many items! I have loved seeing how educators of all type are now creating their own scenes for their digital classrooms and headers.

Being a librarian, my "classroom" looks a little different! I decided that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and create my own Bitmoji scene, but do it for a Virtual Reader Advisory activity (Thanks Skye for the great idea!)  I watched several videos, and chose to do my first header in google draw (which is something that I am not as familiar with.)
I have added templates to all that I am sharing in this blog.  
*One thing I did realize- when choosing a background image, it seems to work better when you actually inert a background, and not just an image as the background)
I watched this YouTube video here (he uses Google Draw) and here (she uses Google Slides... and also offers templates!)

Once I created my header, I create a Google Form for students to fill out.  (REALLY.. I also realized I needed to do this, because I was in my own reader funk and the Irving Public Library now has one of these forms.. and recommended some books for me! You can find my whole TikTok about it here)

After creating the readers advisory form, I realized I needed to take a step back and figure out how I was going to get book recommendations to the students.  Although I would love to say that ALL my students know how to access our digital resources and eBooks, I have to also be realistic.  Using Google Slides I created both a template for a "Virtual" help desk.  This virtual setting has a video to share with students on how to access our resources, a link to our current virtual help desk that we have as virtual librarians and also the form from above.  I love that once I make it in Google Slides, I can publish it to the web or download it as a PDF.  Both of these versions allow for easy sharing to staff and through Google Classroom.  Both publish to the web and PDF also allow for the hyperlinks embedded into the document to still work.

Once students had filled out the form, I then took their information and am creating a Virtual book shelf.  What I love about this virtual book shelf is that I can recommend so many different items from our digital resources and not just regular style books.  After I make the recommendations, I am emailing the student their link to the published individualized Google Slide and also the PDF of the links.

Sample email:
Thank you so much for filling out the form for some book recommendations.
Based on your survey it looks like you enjoy both non-fiction and fiction.  I found several books that I think you might like! I recommended 2 Capstone books and one book that you can find on Destiny. 
If you need any help with logging in or other information, please let me know!
If these books were not what you are expecting- please let me try again! You can fill out the form as often as you like.

Sample Virtual eBook Recommendation shelf that students/staff get as a link and a interactive PDF

I know that there is SO much more that you can do with the virtual classrooms and Bitmoji, but I am loving that I can connect with my students even more!

I did create a YouTube video for a full walk through

Saturday, May 9, 2020

There's No Place Like Lamar- Teacher Appreciation During a Pandemic

I LOVE helping plan teacher appreciation week.  It makes my heart so happy to help celebrate such amazing people!  I mean- these are the same people that gave me a WHOLE parade for Librarian day! You can find my TikTok here of it and a video of the whole parade here.  I think it is SO important to celebrate people and what they are doing!
Before Spring Break- we had already set down and planned teacher appreciation.  Then March 14th we knew we weren't coming back.. so April Richmond and I were on the case and got it planned!

Also- I LOVED watching what all the schools were doing! There were so many amazing things happening to remind educators that they are so important!

We created most of our items in Canva- April made them look AMAZING!
We started our planning through Zoom and collaborating on our Google Doc and I do believe planned out a fantastic week!

Monday we sent out a link to staff to invite them for myself and Richmond to take photos or family "porchtraits" The week before we had also asked staff to send us pictures of when they were little! Richmond created our own Munchkin Land game in Kahoot and we had a staff get together on Monday afternoon. We will be working on Porchtraits through the end of the year.

Tuesday- Was a little of a flop.  We invited people to add words of encouragement to a Google doc.  I think if we had sent it out earlier- it would have worked better.  
Wednesday- We invited staff to take it outside!  On Monday we told staff they might need some side walk chalk.  Our amazing art teacher did some sidewalk chalk art for us to share so people could get an idea.  We started a zoom call and people chatted as they created.   Just having the chance to chat without the expectations of meetings is always nice!  Staff had their own kids helping on the call! April put all the artwork into a slide show to share with staff.

Thursday- Thursday was my FAVORITE day! We aren't Lion, it takes Courage to Teach Virtually!  If you know me.. I am a question asker.. and I usually have people tell me questions to ask!
So, when we first started planning this all we had the toughest time thinking of what we could do for this.  Our mascot is the Lions, so this saying fit perfectly.  SO, we decided to go on an email, Instagram, Twitter campaign! I emailed some of my friends and LOTS of celebrities.  My Instagram DM box has SO many messages of people that I emailed.  Our email campaign included the information that we are working on Teacher Appreciation and our mascots are the Lions.  We talked about our theme is Wizard of Oz and could you send us a few words of encouragement that we could share with staff.  Oh My Goodness!! When people opened up the video, they say it was over 8 minutes long.  I know that is super long.. and I even had staff tell me- I was not ready to watch an 8 minute long video.. but they did :) I am SO thankful that all of these awesome people responded with words of encouragement.  This is the one that made my heart the happiest! My personal love language is words of affirmation.. and this video filled all those boxes!!

Friday- With the help of Irving Schools Foundation and Lamar PTA we invited staff to Ease on Down the Road to Lamar to enjoy Kona Ice! April and I got to school early along with Officer Todd to make sure that we had cones set out.  We followed all the Physical Distancing Rules. This has been hard on everyone.. but one of the things I have missed the most is actual physical humans.  We are doing a great job as a staff doing the things we can virtually... but actual interaction is what we all need!
We also had staff submit their favorite motivational/upbeat songs for the end of the year to Ease on Down The Road to. I pay extra for Spotify, so I LOVE making playlists! You can find our Lamar is Oz Mazing List here

Irving ISD teachers were also treated to lunch from the Irving Muslim community on Friday! I had the BEST lunch, and I am so thankful to this group that has done so much for our community in so many ways!

We also picked up our Spring Creek certificates too!

What a different teacher appreciation week this was, but I am SO thankful that we figured out how to still do some fun things!  I LOVE the school I work for!

Next blog- all the things that I have been doing as a distance librarian! Although I prefer to be a librarian in an actual building.. I am thankful to be a librarian that can work anywhere and share all the resources that we have in this new online world!

Here are some of my past teacher appreciation ideas:
-80's Theme
-Best in the World
-Camp Lion
I have also done a Seuss theme, Super Hero, and 50s theme :)

Sunday, March 29, 2020

First Week of Distance Learning

Spring Break was 13th-23rd, but as you know... spring break was strange.  I packed up the book fair on Thursday the 12th, made the library look as put together as possible, unplugged everything for the break, and then turned off the lights. I was smart and grabbed about 10 books that I had been wanting to read and headed home.  Our district got the phone call and notification Saturday March 14th.  It was like that snow day phone call.. that you don't really want.. because you like being at school.

I have been practicing the Shelter at Home since spring break started.  Guys.. it is HARD! I know whenever I have a break, I always tell myself I am going to take the downtime to catch up on me.  I am a busy person, but being busy and active makes me super happy. I might be busy, but in all of my busy, I am also very scheduled and have routines.  This COVID-19 has changed all of my routines!

Last Tuesday our district began Distance Learning.  I am super lucky to work in a district that values all of its staff members.  The campus that I am on is a VILS (Verizon Innovative Learning School) That means our school is 1 to 1 devices along with data.  Our teachers are already very versed on using technology in the classroom, but it is completely different to go from in the classroom to all virtual. Our whole district along with so many other districts automatically took on the challenge knowing that we need to continue to ensure that learning is happening.  

Although, as a librarian, I do not have any classes- I have a TON of resources to offer! I am super excited about these resources.. but I am also very realistic at how much I am sending teachers- because you know that they are overwhelmed too!  

Tuesday the 24th- I got my letter board ready to document my 2nd First Day of School in one year! Hopefully this will not be a normal thing.  I then jumped on our zoom faculty meeting and then zoom leadership team meeting.  If I didn't say I was overwhelmed and had no idea how I was going to be useful.. I would be lying! I am a librarian.. and I am supposed to share our resources.. and our BOOKS!

But.. then the second day of  Distance Learning- I had a chance to actually jump into some PLC's for different content areas!

Here is what I have done:
-Recorded a Presentation with Mrs. Long for Virtual TLA (did I mention that our huge conference in Texas was cancelled as well)
-Created a Librarian Tik Tok Group! This is with librarian all over the United States! We will have our first video posted soon.  Check out @Tokstarlibrarians 
-Zoomed with our Middle School and High School librarians to create a plan
-Participated in Virtual Spirit Week
-Created a Lamar Distance Learning BINGO- we didn't use it, but I plan to have it ready to go with summer again
-Collaborated with Social Studies! I can't wait to collaborate on some of their lessons!!
-Collaborated with ELAR
-Worked a virtual library help desk
-Set routines and hours for myself.  Okay- I admit it.. even though I work in the same place I live.. I still am sometimes like 5 minutes late :)

Here is what I plan to do:
-Continue attending PLCs for ALL content areas. During the regular school day it is hard to sometimes get to these! I am appreciating the fact that I actually have a chance to do that now!
-I am going to continue to run my clubs (will be doing this virtually of course)
-I hope to have a Virtual Cub Club soon

As a librarian, I am always trying to change how librarians are viewed. Most libraries are not the places that you hear "shhhhh".  Most libraries check out more than just books.  Librarians are changing the ways we see and access information (not only digital resources- but have you seen the importance of teaching how to check information that is shared!).  I of course prefer to be in the library and popping into meetings and classrooms.  But, right now, I have the opportunity to be even more beneficial as I share the resources that teachers are going to need to ensure their instruction is useful while it being virtual. Is it hard right now.. of course it is.. but it is also giving me a chance to work with all of the content areas! As a librarian, I think our job is even more than important than ever!  No matter how stressed we are, know that we are all in this together! If you need someone to chat with- please feel free to reach out! I hope that all my readers stay safe and well! Take care of yourself not only health wise... but mentally as well! I know that for me to do that I have had to make sure I am staying in a routine.. and setting up a space to work. I am even having a virtual Girl Scout meeting soon! I am having to rethink how I do all the things that make me happy.. but I am doing it!