Monday, August 29, 2016

New #Bookstache Party

Check out all of these new books!
This year I began my new role as librarian.  Guys, I am a LIBRARIAN!!! Anyway, I have walked a TON of miles in the library, seen a ton of barcodes, and have seen a ton of great books.  Not only that, but I have some amazing mentors that are helping me along the way (another blog about that.. because I have got to give some major thanks!)

Today, however, I hosted my first ever New #Bookstache Party.  Last week our library received our order of books.  I had seen several other librarians posting about how they gave their teachers a sneak peak.  I knew I wanted to do something too.  After school today we had a New #Bookstache Party.

I partnered up with PTA and they provided water, cookies and an amazing doorprize (and they had a chance to get teachers to join as members!)

It was easy peasy set up.  I got some uber cute mustaches for photo props, had some cheesy sayings, put down black table clothes and spread out the books.  Not only did PTA provide a door prize, I provided 5. These coupons ranged from 1 free book from the book fair to $25 at the book fair (OMG.. I am planning a Book Fair soon too!)

I do have to say, I enjoyed this event.. and hopefully the staff did too.  Check out the #bookstache hashtag for fun pictures (and check out all the pictures below).   Next up.. #dotday16

I just LOVE using Canva! 

The coupons I created for doorprizes

Of course I had to say thank you to all those that came

Door prize bags

Super yummy cookies! Thanks Elliott PTA!

Striking a pose with #bookstache