Saturday, October 1, 2016

#DotDay16 and #PoweredLibraries

Okay, I realize that I am about 15 days late to posting about International Dot Day.  Right now I am gearing up for my first ever BOOK FAIR!!!

This year International Dot Day fell on the same day as #poweredlibraries it was a perfect meld!

Now, you know I have been celebrating International Dot Day for at least 3 years (this was either my fourth of fifth year) What is International Dot Day? International Dot Day is based off the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. It is all about a teacher encouraging a student to make her mark and see where it takes you.  You can easily search Twitter and Instagram for #dotday #dotday16 for a ton of great posts! I mean, how can you not love a great story with a great message!  This was my first Dot Day to celebrate as a Librarian.. and guys, my heart was SO HAPPY!!!

The students and staff were invited to wear dots to celebrate the day.  I also drew random names to those participating for a book at the upcoming book fair.
This is only half of the staff that participated in wearing dots

I know that many schools do things during the school day, but I love offering our Dot Day activities after school and inviting families to join in.  Our event was 3:30pm-5:00pm and we had over 50 people participate!  I of course want more.. but even if it was just one student, that student got the opportunity to participate and create.  As I said, since #DotDay fell on the same day as #poweredlibraries I wanted to make sure to infuse even more technology into the activities.  In the past we have had an augmented reality station and a couple of others, but I was excited to add more stations! Now, I could NOT have done all of this without great volunteers.. and an AMAZING Art Teacher!

Check out the pictures below to find out about our 5 stations!
Before all the Dot Day madness!

We brought in tools this year! This station each participant got a metal washer and could use a metal stamper to stamp out a 4 letter word.  Once stamped we put on ribbon so participants could wear it is a bracelet or necklace.  If they wanted to, they could also paint their washer using nail polish.

CD sgcraffito station. Mrs. R spray painted cds black and then participants could scratch out various designs. Check out more instructions here

Making your Mark station.  Each participant grabbed a dot and decorated it.  Then using the Chatter Pix Kid  app they took a picture of their dot and then had it it talk about how they would make their mark.

Polka Dot Pinwheels.  Participants made their own pinwheels and then decorated with dots. (okay, I might have had an anxiety attack at this station when I saw a container of glitter being dumped :) 

Each participant was asked to take one slide on a Google slide and using only circles create a story. I loved this website on How to Write a Dot Day Poem.

Not to bad of a program at all! In looking back at it, I know that there a couple of things that I would like to change.
-Make sure to have one volunteer at each station just to answer questions.  Although we only had 5 stations, and we had volunteers that were around, I need to be more structured.
-Spread it out a bit.  We had held this event in the cafeteria the last few years.  The library is a little bit smaller space, but I sure do love it!
-Have an elmo set up so when I did read The Dot I could put it on the big screen.

I can't wait to start planning next years stations!

From the collaborative Google Slide

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